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Bobcat Red Fox
Raccoon Badger
Brush Wolf Beaver
Marten pursuing Red Squirrel

Thank you for stopping by and viewing our taxidermy art work.  Our private studio is located in southeastern Michigan. Even though we've mounted everything from the African "Big Five" to a Grand Slam of North-American sheep, we take great pleasure in doing the smaller mammals and birds of North America. We are very proud of our work and hope it shows.  The mounts shown are representations of some of our recent work.  Of all our taxidermy artwork, the mammals and birds are the most unique; each piece is an original, since no two mounts are exactly alike. They are mounted using our own custom method, not a commercially produced form, assuring that each one is captured in a true life-like pose.

We are currently unable to accept additional custom work.  If you'd like to purchase one of our custom mounts, please check our auctions on eBay or join our mailing list (see link above) to be notified when we have a new item for sale.

Pintail Drake

Mandarin Duck

Ringneck Pheasant Goldherst Pheasant

Ruffed Grouse Mountain Quail


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